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Love in October is composed of brothers Erik and Kent Widman hailing from the northern mountains of Sweden, now residing in Stockholm, Sweden and Chicago, IL. Love in October III is their first release since 2011 and ends the band’s four-year hiatus.

The new EP was spontaneously created during the dog days days of summer when the brothers entered the studio with ten fragmented song concepts and emerged two weeks later with four finished songs.

This was perhaps their most ambitious recording effort to date, setting out to write, produce, and record an EP in the span of two weeks; a task that the band usually spends months to accomplish.

Keeping in mind that they only had a fixed amount of time, the brothers imposed limitations on themselves not only to manage their time efficiently, but to also drive creativity.

“We decided on a limited setup a month before entering the studio where we were only going to use two guitars, two amps, and this one synth, and nothing elseā€¦and we would rely on or songwriting experience to see if we can make some magic happen” says vocalist and guitarist Erik Widman. Magic did happen.

What emerged from the session were 4 snappy pop songs that made the band sound like they hadn’t missed a beat during their hiatus. The sound was fresh, mixing digital drums with indie rock guitars and synthesizer bass lines. Perhaps the brothers have taken inspiration from their electronic band Eight Bit Tiger?

“We really enjoyed working in this quick and spontaneous format” says bassist Kent Widman. “I think we’ll stick to this kind of recording format in the future as it forces us to be creative on the spot and make quick decisions. It becomes more of a snapshot of where we currently are in our lives”.

The band formed in Minneapolis, MN in 2006 and has had a revolving door of band members over the years with the Widman brothers as the common denominator. The band has released five albums, toured the US and Canada, and been feature in magazines such as Spin and Paste. While the brothers do not plan to tour with the new material, they consider themselves a studio band nowadays. The new EP is the third installment in their self titled album series, which they plan to continue in the coming years.

Love in OctoberErik Widman - Vocals, Guitar, SynthsKent Widman - Bass, Beats, Synths

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Love in October

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